Hellions Title“Hellions is quite often serenely eerie due in no small part to the perfectly timed and abrupt musical changes, and the visually stunning contrast of black and white against pastel colors. Combine this with children in masks who speak a lot like the Borg and I imagine this is the kind of intensity Children of the Corn should have evoked were it not boring me to death instead.” -3.6/5 (genre)
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American Mary

“if you do decide that you can handle it you will be greatly rewarded with an outstanding tale; the metamorphosis of a brilliant but unremarkable girl into a powerful and tormented woman. Mary finds power in her skill and her brilliance as well as her unflinching willingness¬†to do what must be done.” – 4/5
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Anna (Mindscape)

“I’m not a sociopaMindscape.jpgth.¬†Just smart enough to think like one.” – Anna Greene

Anna is a psychological thriller/mystery/science fiction (sort of) movie that unfortunately never quite remembers it’s supposed to be any of these things. It takes us along for a decent ride that ultimately never quite goes anywhere.

Anna takes place in a world (near future/alternate timeline) where there are people who are “viewers”. These people such as John Washington (Mark Strong) can enter into other people’s memories and “view” them as they occur. Continue reading