Dark Touch

Dark Touch TitleDark Touch is an intense and slow burn after the initial scenes that very smoothly transitions into a terrifying revenge tale, even if that revenge is on whomever happens to be about. Niamh is a sympathetic evil character, which makes the viewer torn in the end as to whether they believe her actions are justified by her experiences or if she’s gone to far. The beauty of this is that it makes one feel guilty for feeling happy she obtained some respite in the end, even if it was only temporary. The ending is quite open ended and will likely leave some people feeling unsatisfied without the type of closure they would prefer, but it actually adds strength to the movie as a tied off ending would weaken it. Slow paced until it isn’t, and a drive to an even darker place than where we start make for a good movie that will keep the viewer tense, often expecting things to happen that may or may not. Definitely one of the better evil child movies I’ve seen in quite some time. – 3.8/5 (genre)

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Who Loves the Big Fish?

This week in the LS we’re focusing on Carabosse (done, yay!) and Cirein-Croin for Dobril’s empy weapon.  We finished up Mal’s Kannagi to 90 a little while back so we’ve been hitting the empy/+2 items pretty hard lately, and though it does take its toll, there is always time to fit in a little fun here and there.  I managed to grab a pic of the LS (at least the core of it) and a couple of other interesting things.  Image Continue reading