Hero’s of the Nyzul (-1)

On Friday before our LS’s very short Dynamis run (short because only one person needed the win and we weren’t farming) I managed to snap some pictures of the regular group.  Of course I Imageonly managed to get 3 of us (who so far have been the Assault regulars) but soon I’ll be adding a fourth.  But first what I have:  (Top) Aarse – the Bard extraordinaire and Summoner supreme, (Left) Frixt – deadly Dancer and soothing Beast, (Right) Shiguo or me – Master of puppets and occasionally Samurai’s.  I was hoping to snap some good profile pics here, and really I think I accomplished that with Aarse’s photo, but not so much with me and Frixt.  Continue reading


It occurs to me that it might be nice if you had some pictures of me and Frixt to see if you’ve never met us.  So here we go.

Me, Shiguo, from my evil Blm’ing days.

Frixt my GF, in real life and the game. (She’s on the left, not the middle) ^^ Not a great pic, but will have to do for now.

And there you go.