The Rezort (mini-review)

The Rezort Title

In a post-zompocaplytic world, humanity has managed to recover, and for those seeking revenge on the undead there is only on place to go. The Rezort. With it’s unapologetic Jurassic Park for zombies theme, right down to the hacked computer systems that subsequently fail and release the undead scourge (read dinosaurs), The Rezort tries to be almost a spiritual successor to the wildly successful franchise. Simultaneously it attempts to tell us a tale about human cruelty and kindness, but at arms length, since none of the characters are relatable or even worth caring about. And somehow, this movie manages to make itself somewhat entertaining, even when the 28 Days Later rip is broken out at the end. Maybe it’s all the feels for movies loved and lost that The Rezort manages to get right, but defiantly not its own plot that’s for sure. – 1.9/5 (Genre) Continue reading

What We Become

what-we-become-titleIf you need something to watch on Halloween, or any other night, and don’t want to be overly scared (read: not scared at all) but still want to feel like you’re taking part in the spooky fun then watch What We Become. If you just need a zombie fix, then this will suffice. If you want to actually watch a good horror movie because it’s Halloween then I suggest you keep on surfing. Mediocre acting, poor pacing, disjointed story telling, and a very disturbing romance arc all lead to a messy and just bad ending. What We Become never really even tries to explore what it is we would become under these circumstances, which is a real missed opportunity and one I was very hopeful they would capture. Oh, and if you like rabbits keep moving, there’s nothing you want to see here. – 2.6/5 (genre) Continue reading


Pandemic Title“Pandemic is a shaky roller coaster, FPS style, zombie apocalypse ride. It is a seamless flow from start to finish on what begins as a singular directed story and evolves into something much more emotionally intense. The forced first person perspective is just plain awful, especially when you throw in the more contrived shots to give us a wider perspective. But through all of that there is good solid story about a mother and her daughter, however brief that daughter may appear on screen, which leads us to find greater character depth from our main cast than would be expected for this type of film. Pandemic is solid, and a good watch. Just be aware, it is a zombie movie so there will be blood, lots of blood.” – 3.4/5 (genre)

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