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This is a listing of movies and shows I intend to review in the near future, so that you have some idea what’s coming down the line. They will of course not be in the exact order listed, and I’ll likely find other movies to fill in the gaps between, but having a general direction of this blog posted will be a good thing I think. This page will be updated as new movies are added, and reviewed ones linked to their review at the bottom.

Addendum: I will be adding a new section to my reviews which will start short as a test run to see how it goes. I will be adding my take on the movie, not just the technical aspects that are normally done but interpreting the depth and significance of the movie as well as where improvements were needed and what was done just right. This of course will have spoilers and is suggested not to be read unless you don’t mind spoilers. This was inspired by American Fable and A Dark Song which fall outside the normal categories and require some level of thinking.



American Fable is one of two unique movies of watched recently (see below for the other), and I’d like to share my take on this movie as well as my review.


A Dark Song is another unique, category defying, movie which finds its strength in the peculiarity of not only the underpinnings of its story but the visual direction. I will do a full review and interpretation.


The format to be used for series reviews is still TBD.

Slasher Title

I don’t usually review TV shows simply for the fact that each progressive episode requires I reveal more and more of the plot from previous episodes, thus giving away the whole story. Also, there’s the multi-seasons. However, Slasher is a self contained anthology style series and a horror to boot. As such I plan to review it soon, starting a new Series section as a pilot.


Darknet Title

Darknet is another self contained series (although the potential for further seasons continuing the story is pretty strong), and so I will also be reviewing it as well. I’m really looking forward to this as I found this show to be as interesting as it was disturbing.


Heartless Title

Another series, and one that is most certainly going to be multi-seasons, but one worth giving a review on. The first season is pretty well self contained like the other series I’ve listed and gives only a segue into another season. Looking forward to watching this again and discussing it here.


Byzantium Title.jpg

Byzantium is yet another in a fairly long line of movies viewed but never reviewed. It’s been some time since I watched this so I’m looking forward to seeing it again and then getting the chance to dig in with a review.



Reviewed and up on the main page!


Beneath Title

The Lazarus Effect

TheLazarusEffect Title

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