Movie Ratings

I tag each of my ratings for movies with either (genre) or (general). I do this so that I can freely rate movies, such as horror movies, with higher scores if I particularly liked them without saying they are on par with classics. This essential works as:

Movie A gets a 4/5 (genre)

Movie B gets a 4/5 (general)

How do they relate? When converted to a scale of 10 Movie A would be 6/10, while Movie B would a 8/10. Obviously movie B is the better movie, but I still liked Movie A and wanted to give it a decent, within genre, rating.

This applies to all genres, and is just a general guide to let the reader know that this wasn’t a blockbuster movie, but was still quite good and worth watching. Conversely, those with scores below 2/5 and (genre) tagged are probably not worth your time to watch.