Who Loves the Big Fish?

This week in the LS we’re focusing on Carabosse (done, yay!) and Cirein-Croin for Dobril’s empy weapon.  We finished up Mal’s Kannagi to 90 a little while back so we’ve been hitting the empy/+2 items pretty hard lately, and though it does take its toll, there is always time to fit in a little fun here and there.  I managed to grab a pic of the LS (at least the core of it) and a couple of other interesting things.  ImageAfter we promptly took Carabosse out twice to finish that up we moved on to Aby-Mis to work on Cirein-Croin.  ImageIf you’re a Blm you know the joy of this mob.  Usually the fight goes something like this:  Someone pops him and pulls him back to the tank, the tank and a thf are only ones on it till proc is found and we can get the yellow (assuming red isn’t needed).  CC doesn’t do anything too bad at this point, usually just sleeping the melee or debuffing them which is easily removed.  Once he’s proc’d though the TP feed begins and most the melee charge in to fight and then comes the charm.  Everyone is charmed except the Kymie, me and Aarse.  Of course being in full on nuke mode at that point I have Imagethe most hate and here comes my party to start taking jabs at me as if I was the meat in a meat-mithkabob.  Of course we try the usual sleepga method, and for some that stuck, but before I could even take 2 steps our empy wielding Ninja (Mal) and Frixt! of all people begin rapidly hitting me.  It really doesn’t help that they’re hasted all to hell and back so they swing like they’re going for the record number (gotta break that 8).  ImageAnd I’m down in less than 5 seconds even with SS, Blink up and running as fast as my legs will carry me and Kymie blasting me with cures.  This is the story of a Blm against CC.  Fortunately the second time this happened I got more distance and we were able to kill him before the party tore me to little bits.  The good news is we get to do it all again tonight multiple times!  >.>  But it is worth it as the rest of the week is going to be a lot of fun.  ImageWe have our Assault Thursday and on Friday we’re running Einherjar, yay!  This will be my first time running it and I’m super excited about it (no I didn’t get to do ToAU end game at all previously).  So, this will officially begin my Therion Ichor farming towards the Kenkonken, and I’m hopeful that being Friday night I might convince some of them to do some Salvage also and start collecting my Alexandrite (also I haven’t done Salvage yet, go figure).  I guess I can take a few deaths at the hands of my companions if it means getting to go to other endgame aside from aby.

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