Apkallu Love the Night Life!

It’s been several days since my last update and a lot of things have changed in that time.  Starting with the LS, Imperfect Harmonies is no more!  Well, actually we are, we’ve just changed addresses and become Mysteria!  ImageSo from now on all references to my LS are to Mysteria and not IH.  With that said, I’ve actually been quite busy the last several days, getting two Assault sessions done, running Einherjar and building the new LS site.  Thursday’s missions were pretty run of the mill and we got 3 done relatively fast.  Sunday proved a bit more difficult with Apkallu seizure where we were required to entice an Apkallu and capture it then bring it back to the starting point. This turned out be much more complicated than indicated by the description.  First off, Apkalluit would appear that I am in no way as charming or likable as I had thought as the Apkallu’s kept running away from me.  I don’t really understand why either, I mean they were the ones who were staring and creating an air of creepiness and being just generally unsettling.  In an attempt stop the death gaze they were giving me I would bow to them and occasionally that would make them relax a little, and I might even be able to welcome them (to my fold I guess, not really sure why a welcome is necessary after we’ve already been in contact for several minutes now), but more often than not this resulted in one terrified bird, who would then flee across the entire area.  I would be forced to give chase and try to corral them but this was,as one wShi121209210420aould expect when someone is being chased by a person continually bowing to you for no reason, completely in vain. It was indeed very fortunate for me that Bigcuzz was much more the Apkallu’s speed.  Maybe it was the feathery hat, or perhaps he offered to take them clubbing afterwards, it’s hard to say (as those involved aren’t talking), but the end result was a successful assault.

As I said last time I finally got a chance to do Einherjar, Imageand I was really excited about it.  The usual suspects gathered together to do one of the chambers of the first wing, which I have to be honest I didn’t know what to expect inside.  I always imagine some grand field of battle on which the great beasts are fast approaching and my band of hero’s gather together for one last stand.  Of course it usually just ends up being a cave with mobs walking about whimsically and without a care in the world until we bash them on the head.  Maybe the mobs imagine it the way I do; I guess that means we’re the beasts. Image Anyway, we charged in and pulled back groups of the mobs taking them down as quickly as we could.  I went on Samurai (thought I’d forgo the Pup for this one) and laid waste to everything before me.  Each mob barely stood longer than a few seconds before my mighty Soboro (yup, still use it because my trial one isn’t done, and the Kiku swings like the turret of a rusty tank) and the weaponskills it unleashed.  Eventually we took on the boss, yet another CC like mob, and took him down though he did put up a bit of a fight.  ImageI think maybe the best part of this was that Frixt went dancer and I guess was determined to show us that she was indeed the Lord of the Dance!  Fancy.

Afterwards we trekked our way out to Aby-Ulegurand (totally mis-spelled) and went to work on an atma that we all wanted.  At this point, being mostly back up, I didn’t have a lot to do except yell at Mushroom for storming the NM when he was supposed to be healing.  I think at heart Mushroom is one of those older Whm’s that liked to charge the front lines with their maces and whack at the mob and pretendImage like they could still focus on healing.  But I guess, really, who doesn’t like to whack at things instead of standing on the back line.  We succeeded in getting the atma and had overall a great night, with only minor disagreement.  But that’s gonna happen, especially when your puppet is running about in circles like a maniac instead of doing his job.

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