Kristy (redux)

To get started, my post from last week on FB, hence the brevity. Some additions.

Kristy 2014 poster.pngI’ll be a little more brief about the movie Kristy than I have been about others. For the most part it’s pretty typical fare for it’s genre. Think The Strangers. There are some deeper (for horror) elements to the movie that can’t really be explored due to the rather rigid adherence to the horror/thriller mold.

However, pushing through these tropes is well worth it for the third act, though not entirely original it is done quite well. The final two lines of the movie before the credits roll drive it home, and again while not completely original gives more feeling and connection to Justine. Haley Bennett does a great job as the lead, and is quite convincing in her characters transition. It was really her acting, and ability to make her character believable that made this movie. The other female lead Violet (Ashley Greene) could have been a better and deeper character than she was, and she was honestly under utilized despite being their obvious leader.

4/5 (genre specific), should watch if this is your type of genre. The sequel (and there will be one) will hopefully explore the religious and cult aspects more thoroughly but I won’t hold my breath (pun intended).

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