Pirates Lost at Sea

I started out the weekend working on ToAU missions, as I really need to push through these guys if I plan on starting the Mythic quest around Christmas time.  I left off last time at mission 29 which saw me offShade 12-2 (1) to the Mamool Ja in search Ovjang, the missing puppet (for obvious reasons I have a soft spot for puppets that need aid).  Once there I was surprised to find Gesho (I like Yag’s in general and particularly like Gesho), but what is he doing here?  Of course I get no real explanation from him before a Mamool Ja hoped on Wivre and tried to trample me to death.  Dispatching him my next several missions saw me off to Caedarva mire. Now, I don’t get out to the mire much anyway and especially not this particular region of it, probably because this doesn’t go anywhere of interest save for missions from the Sentinels.  Having not gotten here very often I thought I’d take in the sights (I know, I know…taking in the sights in CaedarvShade 12-2 (2)a doesn’t seem all that interesting, but such is the life of adventuring).  But as one would expect when there are copious amounts of undead about my sightseeing was short lived.  An Ephramadian shade decided it wouldn’t do to have a Taru trouncing about the area and promptly began to beat on me.  Of course I had to introduce him to the pointNaja 12-2 (3)y end of my knuckles.  Just as I was about to lay him out he called out for some help from his friend nearby and suddenly I’m fighting three.  The new ones got quite well acquainted with Mushroom and the rage that is a puppet.  So with the sightseeing over I made my way on to my missions, completing them with relative ease (not too surprising at 99).  Receiving the highest of praise from Naja (really just some yelling and belittling, but she did let me take a photo with her ^^).  So later me, Frixt and Aarse headed out to do our assaults and did quite well on the first one, but ran into some trouble on Supplies Recovery.  Those stupid Imperials kept taking my Imps from me and blocking the supply drops, and so we lost the first run.  We regrouped, came back in swinging and beat those Imperials pretty badly as they had no supplies when it was all said and done.  We ended the night 2/3 bringing my assault complete total to 25, so half way there.  Al'Taieu 12-2 (4)Aarse had to take out early so Frixt suggested we go farm some Ghrah M Chips for the Jailer of Fortitude pop (seeing as we’ll be doing Jailers soon enough).  I was down with that as I’ll take pretty much any excuse to go to Al’Taieu, it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite zones.  I really like the music, theWS 12-2 (6) atmosphere and just generally could hang out there for long periods of time without complaint.  I’m less of a fan of the palace of Hu’Xzoi which is where we had to go to farm oGhrah 12-2 (5)ur chips.  Go figure that Frixt doesn’t have a map of the place (she has a map of everywhere, map collecting being one of her favorite hobbies) so we ended up running about blindly killing whatever Ghrah’s we happened across.  In the process we thought we’d see if we could get the Jailer of Temperance to pop as well, so we began running around where we thought the PH’s were at.  In the end I got a few neat pictures, one Ghrah M Chip, and no Jailor of Temperance to pop, all for an hour or so of work.  I’m not too disappointed though, I always like an odd adventure with Frixt every now and then, and this certainly qualified.  Plus I got two good profile pics of me and Frixt, so that finally is done.  Now I just need to figure out why the pirates are in the mire and not the sea.Shiguo 12-2 (4)Frixt 12-2 (7)

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