Pirates Lost at Sea

I started out the weekend working on ToAU missions, as I really need to push through these guys if I plan on starting the Mythic quest around Christmas time.  I left off last time at mission 29 which saw me offShade 12-2 (1) to the Mamool Ja in search Ovjang, the missing puppet (for obvious reasons I have a soft spot for puppets that need aid).  Once there I was surprised to find Gesho (I like Yag’s in general and particularly like Gesho), but what is he doing here?  Of course I get no real explanation from him before a Mamool Ja hoped on Wivre and tried to trample me to death.  Dispatching him my next several missions saw me off to Caedarva mire. Continue reading

Warhorse Hunting

Ranking up the Merc.

So this is really only tangentially related to my mythic progress (as I need to reach captain rank), but I thought I’d throw this in here.  So last night Frixt and I ran the rank up quest for Corporal.  We had to find and place a quartz transmitter in the Warhorse hoof-print.  Simple enough, but what ended up happening was a large scale running of Aht Urgahn areas, and some unintended sightseeing.  I actually came across a couple of sights I hadn’t seen before (odd since I’ve been playing for 8 years or so).  While Frixt searched Wajaom Woodlands I searched Bhaflau Thickets first. Continue reading