Forging a New Shiguo

I have recently begun the task of creating a Mythic weapon in FFXI.  While for most this probably seems like an insurmountable task not worth the effort, as most Mythic’s aren’t that strong, I feel like after 8 years of playing its time I did this.  As such, this will mostly be dedicated to my journey towards a Kenkonken (that’s right the Pup one no less), and my friends that help me out.  As well, some of my Linkshells activities, Imperfect Harmonies, will make it in here, because you can’t get much done here without friends and a LS.

So even though I’ve just started I do have some progress towards my goal and just wanted to post it up here.  I will either update this here, or make new posts of it as time goes on.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


Mythic 12-7

As of 12/07/12

An aside:  If it wasn’t obvious all images, characters, events, locations and any other things related to Final Fantasy XI: Online are the property of Square Enix with the exception of my intellectual property which would be my writing.  I in no way take credit for any of the above mentioned properties of Square Enix.

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