Did someone order a side of VNM?

Well, continuing in my frenzy of putting up backlogged posts I’ll put up Thursday night’s event runs.  Assualts and VNM’s, nothing better than that (well probably is but it was still fun).


Aarse, Bigcuzz, Frixt and myself getting ready to enter Assault. Oh yea, and mushroom.

We ran our usually Thursday night Assault mission set tonight, having saved up four tags since Sunday, which believe it or not is fairly unusual for me to remember to do as I’m always forgetting to take out that extra tag.  It was the usual group of people: Me, Frixt and Aarse, but we also had a new additon Bigcuzz!  (He’s the blu on the right there, I’d draw an arrow to him but that takes more work than I’m willing to put in).  So with four of us this time we rolled out and did our missions.  We went 4/4 and did all of them in about an hour, which probably isn’t all that impressive in this day and age of level 99, but still it felt like quite the accomplishment.  That below would be me cheering about our success as the rest of the group runs off to another battle, I guess my exuberance gets the better of me and I end up a little behind everyone (plus short legs don’t help).  After the assaults we were For Pub 2going to do Proto-Omega  (we’ve been farming the chips for entry for the last few weeks) but Aarse is right in the middle of his kannagi trials, so we decided to go help with his VNM’s (Bigcuzz needed the same VNM so that worked out well).  Don’t worry Omega, we’re still coming for you.

We headed out to the Meriphataud mountains to find Jyestha.  Wow is that zone big, I mean you notice when you’re choco’ing through to places, but it’s been ages since I’ve had to do that with all the tele’s that abound now.  I had competely forgotten how big it was and we ended up wandering around it for a while.  It looks hilarious to see all these people sitting-standing-run two steps-sitting-standiFor Pub 3ng over and over ^^.  I like the VNM system in general, it makes for a nice hunt and all, but maybe the way they are popped should have been reconsidered.  All that sliding on your behind has got to take a toll.

Big accidentally popped the T3 for the zone, a giant antlion, which promptly stomped us into the ground.  So after regrouping and running about again we found Jyeshtha on the first go, no Fly, yay!  That would be his corpse above, one down five to go.  Once we reached Saruta we didn’t get quite so lucky on the pop and got the Fly, but we quickly sent him back to theFor Pub 5 void and called forth Jyeshtha again.  We ended up getting four kills finsihing Big’s set and making Aarse 4/6.  I’m foreseeing a Kannagi in the very near furture for Aarse.  As for me, I went home to Jeuno with Frixt; my journey for a mythic will have to wait.  ^^

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